Since 2015, we have approached the Bolivian market with great emphasis. In this way we opened ITI offices in Santa Cruz and La Paz, which allowed us to provide personalized attention to our clients.

Today we are convinced that Iquique will be the port of the Bolivian cargo. The efficiency in the operational processes, the incorporation of more logistic means for the optimization of the services, together with the incomparable conditions in which the Iquique – Oruro international route is found, These are some of the advantages for the consolidation of the port of Iquique. International Terminal (ITI) as platform

Currently, ITI moves cargo directly to and from Bolivia with the use of the MIC-DTA, which is a simplified customs transit document that is processed directly by the driver of the vehicle that transports the cargo, thus avoiding the participation of third parties in the process. of Bolivian foreign trade. In addition, each customer can directly monitor their load online through the page and make online payments.


Know  our services in Bolivia:

  • Reception and expeditious clearance of export and import charges.
  • Attention and comprehensive advice to our customers.
  • Commercial offices in La Paz and Santa Cruz de la Sierra.
  • Direct route to and from Asian ports.
  • Monitoring and documentary control.
  • Online payments of services.
  • Specialized personnel for Bolivian cargo service.
  • Connectivity, security and shorter transfer times between Iquique and Bolivia.
  • Storage of loose and containerized loads.

La Paz Office Contact

  • Mr. Andrés de la Barra
  • +59 178993333

Santa Cruz Office Contact

  • Mr. Diego Franco
  • +59 177333442

La Paz Office

Santa Cruz Office

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